Delivery Coming Soon to Ana’s

Yes, finally, it is true. Now you can get the fresh taste of Ana’s Homemade, fresh and delicious menu delivered to your office or home. After meeting with several delivery “services” we have decided that for right now we will handle all catering deliveries in house. Our staff will cater to your delivery needs with the same personal touch that you would receive if you had come in and picked it up yourself.

Our primary reason was, as we continue to grow, to maintain our personal touch throughout our brand and that must include our deliveries. Until the absolute right company provides us with the utmost in personal service we will maintain an in-house service. When that perfect match comes to be, we will be sure to let you know. But for now, we will handle catering deliveries ourselves and cannot wait to fulfill to your expectations!

From homemade prepared cooked meals to fresh frozen and oven ready for your dinner tonight or the next night, to serving your catering events for those special occasions, whether they are at your home or office, the Deli Chefs at Ana’s are your insurance to a perfect meal every time.

So when you are wanting that homemade taste, prepared with passion but cannot get to Ana’s Corner Store allow Ana’s Corner Store to come to you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

On-line ordering will be available soon for ordering from our daily menu and our catering menu. Both designed to satisfy your every need.  From special occasions to picnics, or maybe just a relaxing dinner or lunch, get your food prepared by the Deli Chefs at Ana’s.