We live and work to serve the community we have grown up in.  We know the importance of our family community.

From locally sourced products to homemade meals and sandwiches. We strive to serve our community of customers with pride in our work and a passion for serving quality.

Visit our community bulletin board to learn what is happening in our neighborhood. We have had many community events throughout the years including a Santa visit, Beneficial Bank giveaways and a teddy bear collection for the Philadelphia Children's Alliance! We always have a donation bin at our register collecting for the current charity.

Have something you want everyone to know about? Send it to us, we will post it.

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The greatest convenience store in the area! So awesome that I can buy merrymead milk right here along with homemade dinners.

Dee L. Norristown, PA

This is definitely a step up from every day convenient store.  It may not have all the bells and whistles of a Wawa or Sheetz, but Ana's has the personal touch the big guys are lacking.  The staff is very friendly and seem to know a lot of the people that come in.  I love that I can call in my order to the deli at 6am and pick up my food on my way to work without having to wait.  Some of my favorite items here are the bacon, egg, and cheese, or pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches, the hash browns, the amazing homemade cookies at the register, and their large, yet inexpensive hoagies.  People at work always compliment the hoagies I get from there.  Great place to get an big lunch for not too much money.  Always a treat when I stop here.  I recommend you stop by.

James S. Harleysville, PA

Have taken out their chicken parm and meatloaf dinners...both are fresh and delicious. Portions were huge. Frozen shepherds pie is also a good choice. Love the convenience of calling ahead so it's ready when you stop in.

Michelle D. Collegeville, PA

Best hoagies.....I love to get an Italian hoagie here, bring  it home & throw it in the oven to make it a grinder. Best lunch meat around!

Denise P. Ventnor City, NJ

Ana's is the neighborhood spot you just have to go too. All the staff are genuinely courteous in all a customer could ask for. If there is something you don't see they will go out of their way to make you what you are craving. Coffee, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and salads are wonderful.  Don't feel like cooking, great go to Ana's and pick up some meatballs or pick up something from the freezer! Better than convenient,  their food is made from scratch! 
I love going everyday even if it's just for coffee!

Sherry S. North Wales, PA

This is the best convenience store in the area. The hoagies are top notch, merrymead milk is always stocked, and Alfios cesar salad is the best youll ever have. 

J.D. Montgomeryville, PA

Much more personable & friendly than the national chains in the area.  Known for their homemade food options, both fresh & frozen.  NOTE:  If they're out of their breakfast sandwiches they'll make fresh ones in 5-10 minutes.

Craig D. Wayne, PA